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THC Edibles Dosing Guide

thc edibles dosing guide

THC edibles can be a blast, but only if you know your tolerance!

Are you new to THC edibles, or do you rarely eat them? If so, listen up, folks! We are here to help you have a lovely experience without getting too high!

Inhalation vs. Eating

The first thing that’s important to understand is that inhaling THC is VERY different from eating it. Even if you’ve been smoking jays for decades, eating your first THC edible could completely knock your moon boots off!

When you smoke, vape, dab, or inhale THC in any fashion, it is immediately dispersed throughout your brain and body. Some people with a low tolerance to inhaling THC can even feel high before exhaling! 

When the THC enters your lungs, a small amount converts into another active and incredibly potent form of THC called 11-hydroxy-THC, but the main active compound making you high is good old D9-THC.

Unlike inhaling THC with the help of your lungs to make you feel high, when you eat it, your liver becomes the organ that makes the magic happen. Once you swallow a THC edible, it enters your stomach, which helps break down the infused gummy, cookie, or donut, releasing the THC from the food. From there, the THC heads to your liver to be metabolized. 

For most people, THC metabolism takes between 45 and 90 minutes. Your liver converts a lot more of the D9-THC into 11-hydroxy-THC than your lungs. Since 11-hydroxy-THC is significantly more potent than D9-THC, edibles can make you feel considerably higher and last much longer! 

Something groovy about THC edibles is that they tend to act like a rollercoaster. The high can come on strong at first, back off, and smack you in the noggin 30 minutes later. It’s a fun ride if you’re comfortable with THC edibles. However, if you’re new, it can feel like that 40-year-old wooden local carnival rollercoaster – eek! 

So, to ensure you have a pleasant experience, here is a dosing guide to help you reach the perfect altitude for your tolerance.

I have never eaten THC edibles. 

Take 2.5 mg of THC within 24 hours. If you don’t feel anything, that’s okay, don’t take anymore! Some people have a slow metabolism when it comes to THC, which can create a “sneaking” effect. Even if two or three hours pass, wait until the next day before you take any more.

When you’re ready to take another dose, take 5 mg and see what happens. Most new people will feel wonderfully high with 5 mg of THC. Want to keep your tolerance low and save money? Find your sweet spot, and stay there without increasing your dose. You’ll thank yourself later!

I’ve eaten THC edibles in the past, but it’s been a while. 

A lot of those who fall into this category have probably already had a not-so-pleasant THC high because you ate your friend’s brownie that had a mystery amount of THC. Take 5 mg of THC and see how you feel! Same as above, don’t take anymore within 24 hours. Feel free to jump up to 10 mg for your next sesh, but again, keep your tolerance low so you don’t need more and more!

I take THC edibles several times a month.

If you’re consistently taking THC edibles, then we recommend you mirror the dose you’re most comfortable with. Whether portioning out a gummy or taking multiple, stick to your comfort zone.

I take THC edibles every day; why am I reading this? 

Seriously, why are you here? You know how much you can handle! Get baked and watch some Animal Planet!

What if I get too high?

Nearly everyone who has smoked or eaten THC edibles has gotten too high at some point. It’s almost like a right of passage. Still, OGs that have been smoking daily for decades can find themselves freaking out a little here and there with anxiety or paranoia. So, if you find yourself a bit too high, here are a few tips.

  • Find something distracting that keeps you engaged. Grab a deck of cards and play some solitaire. Watch funny Reels or TikToks. Call a best friend or your mom, tell them you’re too high, and you want to talk about anything other than herb! 
  • Stay hydrated. It’s not that THC makes you dehydrated, but it can dry out your mouth. It can be uncomfortable if you’re anxious and your tongue feels like velcro to the top of your mouth. Sip on some water, which is also a great distraction, and remember that you’re just high; it’ll be over soon.
  • Take some deep breaths. Anxiety is a tricky little bugger, but a lot of people find relief by doing breathwork. Four seconds in, hold, four seconds out, hold, and repeat!

Hopefully, you won’t get to the point of needing to calm down because you will follow our dosing recommendations and won’t get too high in the first place. Legit, that’s the secret – don’t take too much and you’ll enjoy yourself!

Enjoy your trip to the Moon!

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