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How much CBD should you take for amazing benefits?

Potent CBD
The most important thing about CBD is the dose. Although CBD has some fascinating therapeutic benefits, it’s worthless if you’re not taking enough! Let’s dive into the research so you can feel confident about how much CBD you should take daily.

How much CBD do companies recommend?

Most CBD companies recommend doses that mirror THC because these cannabinoids come from the same plant. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work since every cannabinoid has unique abilities and potency.
THC is incredibly effective at doses as low as 2.5 to 10 mg, so that’s what companies started recommending when CBD first became available. Today, how much CBD customers are being told to take by the majority of CBD brands is still based on THC. Regardless of whether a product is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or formulated from isolates, the benefits of low doses of CBD are nothing more than placebo. Aside from the dose, there are a few other reasons CBD hasn’t worked for some people, which you can learn more about here.

How much CBD is used in human studies?

Human research on CBD has been performed for decades. Even some of the earliest research consistently identifies how much CBD humans need to take to experience therapeutic benefits.
One of the best articles that evaluate 132 studies on the safety and side effects of cannabidiol shows that the doses of human research with a placebo range from 300 to 1,500 mg of CBD daily.
A more recent article from 2023 on the efficacy of low oral doses of cannabidiol indicates that 300-400 mg is how much CBD someone needs to take to start experiencing some benefits. However, more severe symptoms such as neurological disorders, seizures, and PTSD often require higher doses, up to 1,500-2,500 mg of CBD daily.
how much CBD should you take

But how much CBD do YOU need to take?

Let’s start with a beautiful disclaimer. Future Compounds, its partners, and affiliates are not doctors, pharmacists, or medical experts. Please consult your doctor before changing prescriptions, supplements, or holistic remedies.

How much CBD you NEED to take may differ significantly from how you get started with your CBD journey. The reality is there isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation to follow. However, we do feel comfortable pointing to the current research on CBD.

The previously mentioned article explains that some studies showed possible benefits at doses as low as 200 mg. Based on some research, customer feedback, and anecdotal experiences of the Future Compounds team, 200 mg may help some people with minor issues like sleep and mild anxiety. Many of our customers that consume high THC products daily also benefit from lower doses (100-300 mg) of CBD due to the synergy of these compounds.

How much CBD you need is ultimately about what kind of concerns you have. Compared to those hoping to manage chronic pain, those looking for a good night’s sleep will have very different dosing parameters. The best way to think about how much CBD you need is to consider the severity of your issues.

When we developed our product line, we thought about two primary things. The first was the customer just getting started with CBD, and the second was those who know they need a lot of it! We also considered the individual experiences of our team when creating the formulations and guiding people to identify how much CBD they need.

Since the CBD industry falls into this grey area of regulations, sharing our experiences is best.

How much CBD does our Director of Shenanigans and CCO, Brandon take?

Hey, y’all! Thanks for tuning in! I’ll get right to it. When I first started taking CBD, I had 10 mg capsules that I took in the morning with my 5 mg THC-infused keto coffee. After I ran out of the month’s supply, I never ordered any more because I didn’t feel anything different.

A couple of years later, I dove into human CBD research and realized how much CBD was used in the experiments. That same day, I was experiencing a terrible back spasm episode, so I downed an entire gram of isolate, 1,000 mg of CBD. An hour later, I couldn’t believe how much my mobility had loosened up, and that night I had the best sleep of my life.

Since then, my dosing routine has been based on my back issues. I take 300-500 mg in the morning for everyday maintenance. When I need a solid night’s sleep, I’ll take an additional 400-500 mg an hour before bed. However, if my back is in bad shape and my spasms make my body contorted, I take 500-750 mg twice a day until the episode ends.

I’ve experimented with 200 mg doses here and there and found that it sometimes takes the edge off my back issues, but it’s not enough, which is why 300 mg has been my minimum CBD dose for many years.

How to dose Future CBD Products:

Here are a few tips to help guide you through our product line so you can determine why it is best for you based on how much CBD you want to take daily.
  • Tinctures:
    • The most potently dosed option at 200 mg per serving, the tinctures have 25,000 mg of total cannabinoids and are our most popular option. Most people take a dose or two in the morning and another in the evening. However, if you’re seeking help with ZzzzZzzz’s, a double dose an hour before bed does wonders.
    • The tinctures are in a dark glass bottle, so they can sit out on a bathroom or kitchen counter at room temperature without worrying about oxidation from UV light.
    • Tinctures are best for those new to CBD and want to start experiencing the benefits of high doses or for those confident in their routine.
  • Gummies:
    • Gummies are great for when you’re on the go since they are easy to consume and very discrete. Many customers use tinctures or coconut oils in the morning or evening and gummies as needed during the day.
    • Gummies are an excellent option for anyone looking to test the waters with potent doses of CBD since they are our most inexpensive option. However, you must remember that 200-300 mg is generally needed so that you may go through the bag quickly!
    • If you’re consuming any high-THC products, then a single gummy or two may provide benefits if taken simultaneously with THC. These two compounds work well together. However, if you only take CBD, take two gummies at a time.
  • Coconut Oils:
    • With 100,000 mg of cannabinoids per container, our coconut oils are the most cost-effective, ready-to-use option. If you get a container, you’ll be set for a while! Remember that our coconut oil can be eaten plain, added to recipes, and applied topically to your skin.
    • The coconut oils are generally ordered by repeat customers who have already experienced the remarkable abilities of CBD, have found a dose routine that works, and want the most affordable option.
  • Isolates:
    • Isolates are the most affordable way to get your hands on some CBD but may require some homework. If you’re new to isolates, remember that you can infuse them into any fat, oil, or high-proof alcohol.
    • We recommend formulating your dose to 100 mg/ml to ensure proper emulsification. Want to learn how to make your infusions? Check out our DIY Isolate YouTube Video.

How much CBD should you take?

Regardless of which product you ordered, remember how much CBD you need will depend on your needs. But 200 – 300 mg daily is the minimum amount you should be taking, based on clinical human research.
We hope this clarifies how much CBD you can take and which products best suit your needs and lifestyle!

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