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CBD Infused Ranch

CBS infused ranch is super simple to make, low in calories, and potently dosed with CBD.  Check out the YouTube video to follow along.  The recipe and transcript are below!

CBD Infused Ranch YouTube

CBD Infused Ranch Recipe:

  • 1 c Non-fat Greek Yogurt
  • 1/4 c Fresh Pickle Juice
  • 1 tsp Granulated Garlic
  • 1 tsp Onion Powder
  • S&P To Taste
  • 300 mg Infused MCT Oil

CBD Infused Ranch Video Transcript:

Chef Brandon Allen (00:09):

Let’s make some low-cal, high-protein ranch. Oh, it’s infused with CBD.

You want to get started with one cup of non-fat Greek yogurt.

The most important thing to this entire recipe is refrigerated dill pickle juice. I’m not talking about the stuff you get in the center of the grocery store aisle. That’s like a neon-green type of liquid. You want a quarter of a cup of fresh pickle juice.

I live near Camp Lejeune, and it’s just like constant planes and choppers interrupting my videos.

The pickle juice is going to give you that dill flavor without being fresh dill because let’s be real, the majority of really delicious ranch that’s so unhealthy for you doesn’t taste like fresh dill.

About a teaspoon of granulated garlic, a teaspoon of onion powder, black pepper, and kosher salt to taste.

I made my own infusion with CBD isolate and MCT oil, and I’m going to put in 300 milligrams of CBD.

What’s really important to understand about any cannabis infusion, regardless of the cannabinoid that you’re using, is that you have to do your absolute best to properly homogenize the infusion into your sauce or whatever the mixture is so that your dose is as equal as possible.

Let’s be real though, if you get a hundred milligrams of CBD instead of 300, or you get 300 instead of a hundred, it’s really not that big of a deal because you can take hundreds upon hundreds, even up to thousands of milligrams of CBD, and if anything, it’s just going to be really good for you. And let’s be real based on the research – you need a lot of CBD for it to be effective. So whether you get a couple hundred fewer or more than what you anticipated, you’re going to be totally fine. Now, when it comes to THE, it’s a completely different world.

CBD Infused Ranch Continued…

If you don’t properly homogenize your mixture, you could think you’re getting 10 milligrams, but only end up getting five. Well, okay, not a big deal. But what if you’re a new consumer and you get five milligrams thinking it’s 10, and you enjoy this wonderful THC high for the first time. It’s like the perfect balance and you love it. Well, the next time you take a bite or the next time you make an infusion or have someone serve you something, (these fricking helicopters), your next experience, you get a true 10 milligram dose, and now you can be high out of your gord.

Now, some of you’re like, ah, 10 milligrams, that’s no big deal. Well, maybe you, but everyone’s tolerance is different anyway.

So for a CBD infusion like this, where we’re whisking together ingredients, I’m going to tell you right now, this is not going to be 100% homogenized.

And the reason why is because cannabinoids are fat soluble. They’re fat loving. Okay? So in order to properly homogenize any cannabinoid whether it’s THC or CBD, you need some type of fat-based ingredient. In this case, this is fat-free. Now it’s thick yogurt from the protein. So the more I whisk this, the better it’s going to be homogenized, but it’s not going to be perfect.

So if you were to make this exact same recipe, but you want to do a THC infusion, what I would recommend doing, is making the recipe uninfused or just infuse it with CBD only. And then, when you’re going to serve, make sure that you single serve with an accurate dose. And now just whisk this together and keep in mind that you can always add a little more yogurt or a little more pickle juice to get to the consistency that you prefer.

CBD Infused Ranch Continued…

If you’re dipping cucumbers, carrots, ir celery, you might want something a little bit thicker, but if you want something that’s going to be a little bit more loosey-goosey for a salad, just add a little more pickle juice. Just don’t add water because then you’re getting to dilute the beautiful flavors. Just throw a bit more pickle juice in there and you’re good to go.

In the last two months, I’ve lost 28 pounds, and a lot of that came to making simple substitutions like this, two ingredients that normally I can’t get enough of. Ranch, let’s be real. I don’t care what your diet is. Ranch is freaking perfect.

Okay, so let’s be real this is not the original, but it is really, really, really delicious. And when I’m eating it, I’m not missing ranch because to me this is just so good and I know that I’m getting a fraction of the calories compared to the original thing, and it’s infused with CBD. So I’m helping with my muscle recovery since I’m walking five to seven miles a day, I’m helping with my mood, I’m helping with anxiety, and a bunch of other things at the same time while just lathering up my tacos or wraps or burgers with this delicious ranch substitute.

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