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Hemp-Derived THC: Is It Legal?

hemp-derived THC

The short answer is yes, the hemp-derived THC in the new Cosmic Gummies is 100% Federally Legal and Farm Bill Compliant. However, some states decided to crack down on THC, even if it’s under the 0.3% Federal Law. Let’s dig in. Hemp-Derived THC & The 2018 Farm Bill In 2018, the Farm Bill was updated, […]

THC Edibles Dosing Guide

thc edibles dosing guide

THC edibles can be a blast, but only if you know your tolerance! Are you new to THC edibles, or do you rarely eat them? If so, listen up, folks! We are here to help you have a lovely experience without getting too high! Inhalation vs. Eating The first thing that’s important to understand is […]

The Cosmic Spectrum

cosmic spectrum

The hemp industry categorizes CBD products as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolates. The problem is that there are no industry-recognized definitions of these terms or a regulating body to oversee how products are labeled.  Before introducing The Cosmic Spectrum, we will briefly describe each of the main categories of hemp products. Hemp Isolate Isolate is easy […]

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