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The Cosmic Spectrum

cosmic spectrum

The hemp industry categorizes CBD products as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolates. The problem is that there are no industry-recognized definitions of these terms or a regulating body to oversee how products are labeled.  Before introducing The Cosmic Spectrum, we will briefly describe each of the main categories of hemp products. Hemp Isolate Isolate is easy […]

How much CBD should you take for amazing benefits?

Potent CBD

The most important thing about CBD is the dose. Although CBD has some fascinating therapeutic benefits, it’s worthless if you’re not taking enough! Let’s dive into the research so you can feel confident about how much CBD you should take daily. How much CBD do companies recommend? Most CBD companies recommend doses that mirror THC because […]

CBD is Psychoactive but Non-Intoxicating

cbd is psychoactive

CBD is psychoactive BUT non-intoxicating. THC is psychoactive AND intoxicating. The idea that CBD is psychoactive may seem against the grain from what you’ve heard throughout the cannabis industry.  However, the data is evident; so many of the excellent benefits of CBD would not be possible if it were not psychoactive. If psychoactive seems like […]

3 Most Popular Hemp Cannabinoids

The 3 most popular hemp cannabinoids are CBD, CBG, and CBN. CBD: Cannabidiol CBG: Cannabigerol CBN: Cannabinol In this video by Future Compounds, in partnership with The Maryland School of Pharmacy, you’ll learn about the 3 most popular hemp cannabinoids: the basics of each popular hemp cannabinoid how they may make you feel what symptoms […]

Full-Spectrum CBD: 4 Uncomfortable Truths

Full-Spectrum CBD: 4 Uncomfortable Truths Full-Spectrum CBD is a common phrase in the hemp industry and is considered superior to other CBD products. But what if “full-spectrum” was nothing more than a marketing scheme? This blog will dive into four uncomfortable truths about full-spectrum CBD products. 1. Full-spectrum isn’t defined or regulated. There is no […]

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